Mission, Vision, Values, and our Guiding Principle


Our world is ever-changing, in many ways for the better, in other ways not so much. Many manufacturing companies have chased lower price points by moving production to Mexico or Asia, and by using lesser quality raw materials with the goal of reducing costs. Generally speaking this also results in lower quality products.

Invincible™ has always stood for quality, and for more than 100 years Invincible™ has been manufacturing products in the United States, using skilled U.S. labor, strong product designs, and quality U.S. materials. In fact, over 90% of Invincible™’s total spend is for U.S. goods and services (including materials and labor).

In addition, Invincible™ continues to use quality raw materials, including heavier (thicker) steel than most of our competitors, and designs that incorporate more forming for added strength, durability, and aesthetics. As a result, we believe our products are among the best on the market. More importantly, our customers tell us our products are among the best on the market!! Additionally, by sourcing our steel regionally (within 300-500 miles), we are helping to keep our planet “green.”


Our Mission


Our mission is enduring. It declares our purpose, as a company and as individuals engaged on behalf of the company.

  • To excite with steel
  • To offer creative steel product solutions inherent with strength and beauty
  • To provide a “product and service experience” unparalleled in our industry
  • To create significant “value” and to generate substantial “return on investment”

Our Vision


Achieve sustainable, quality growth by establishing Invincible™ as the premier “Made in America” steel products manufacturer in our markets.


Our Values

  • Customer Focus
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Passion and Conscientiousness
  • Strong sense of Urgency, and Accountability
  • Humility and Respect

Our Guiding Principle


Be genuinely “fair” to all individuals and entities we touch, including our end customers, our dealer partners, our employees and representatives, our vendors, and our stakeholders.