Through our focus on lean management and implementation of lean principles we have streamlined our operations. By repositioning machinery, implementing new process flows, and relocating supplies and components, the production of manufactured goods is faster, more efficient, and presents far less strain for our workers. We require substantially less space, and therefore use less heat, less lighting, and less electricity. In addition, we have been replacing old light fixtures with high efficiency lighting throughout our facility. High efficiency lighting significantly reduces our use of electricity. All of these initiatives result in large reductions in energy consumption. This drastically reduces our footprint as it relates to air pollutants that cause global warming, acid rain and smog.


Invincible™ Furniture is of the highest quality and is built for strength, durability, and long-term use. Our motto is “furniture for LIFE … guaranteed!” for a reason. Invincible™ Office Furniture is the choice of value-conscious customers in part because it will withstand relocation, reconfiguration, and reuse for years after many competitors’ products have failed.


  • Steel, our primary raw material, is abundant, sustainable and renewable. Steel contains 40% recycled material and is in itself 100% recyclable.
  • Our laminates do not contain urea-formaldehyde resins. The adhesives used to apply our laminates are GreenGuard certified.
  • Our core is 100% recyclable material from wood shavings. We use grade M3 substrate (best available) that is EPP Certified and complies with California Air Resources Board (CARB) tough new regulations on formaldehyde emissions. EPP Certified = CARB + 100% Recycled/Recovered material.
  • All painted Invincible™ products are sprayed with powder coat paints. This process generates zero VOCs. 100% of our over spray is reclaimed and reused.
  • Our fabrics comply with GREEN-E certified renewable standards.
  • We do business with fellow U.S. manufacturers. This keeps our neighbors employed and reduces the use of fossil fuels by not importing.
  • Our corrugated packaging incorporates approximately 65% recycled content and is itself 100% recyclable.