• Panels are fabric covered, tackable and acoustical with divided base raceways and electrical power capabilities. Includes vertical and horizontal hang-on provisions. Panels are also offered split fabric/glazed, full glazed-straight, and a 79” high laminated door panel with lock set.
  • Panels are constructed using monocoque design giving structural rigidity with weight control. Honeycomb core material is bonded to steel skin. Innocuous foam covers steel skin with class 1 or Grade A fabric covering all surfaces. Powder coat painted top rails and bottom raceway covers facilitates easy cleaning. Metal connectors used at all panel joints (NOT plastic!). Panels are connected end to end in a straight run. Posts are used at corners to angle off in another direction and fills opening created by angled panels. Bottom corner fillers provided to conceal electrical panel connections.
  • Mid-panel connections are accomplished with same height panels only and must be 90 degrees. NOTE: Electrical connections may not run thru mid-panel joint. Multiple height panels may be connected at ends of any panel or at corners.
  • Floor to Ceiling panels ARE available. Consult Factory.
  • Wood trim panels as well as special height panels ARE available. Consult Factory.
  • Invincible panels; the best built, strongest panels in the Industry, PERIOD!


  • Panels are offered in 9 different widths
  • As with most panel systems “panel creep” must be accounted for as actual width is slightly wider due to connections.
  • Panels offered in 12" (12-1/8" actual), 18" (18-1/8" actual), 24" (24-1/4" actual), 30" (30-1/4" actual), 36" (36-1/4" actual), 42" (42-1/2" actual), 48" (48-1/2" actual, 54" (54-1/2" actual), and 60" (60-1/2" actual) widths.
  • Panels are offered in the following overall heights: 43", 53", 61", 68-1/2" and 79".


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